How romantic notions of nations fosters national identity

BY YUK-TING HUA Jonathan Haas once said that “one of the favourite pastimes of social scientists over the course of the past century has been to theorise about the evolution of the world’s great civilisations.” From the copious amount of state-formation theories prevalent in IR, the different theoretical understandings of ‘sovereignty’, and the multiple contributions […]

Lessons from saving the whales in saving our planet; the power of identity in shaping international politics.

BY WILL MARSTON Today, the hunting and killing of whales for oil and food would (quite rightly) be widely reviled and condemned, especially in the West. In perhaps the most successful ideational campaign by wildlife campaigners in their history, a widely and deeply held conception of whales as a precious, intelligent and endangered species has […]

What does it mean to be a ‘liberal’?  

BY LUCY ETHERIDGE As we approach the final weeks of 2018, reflections on the year’s politics tend to focus on the process that has been gradual coming-to-terms with the tumultuous events of the preceding two years. Namely the “political earthquake” of Trump’s election in November 2016, closely followed by the Brexit vote of March 2017; both of which shocked even the most politically well-informed.   Unsurprisingly, an abundance of discourse has followed attempting to […]