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A Kantian Analysis of Technological Change

Photo credits: Financial Tribune. Are companies using their employees as merely means to ends? Kantian business practices are well defended in the literature. Yet technological advances in the workplace continue to challenge the compatibility of Kant and modern business. In this essay, I argue a) that companies cannot treat their employees as merely means to […]

How does social media affect political polarisation? The Latin American case

Photo credits: ThedePaulia and Political Storm.  This is a summary introduction to a research project answering the question: What Effect, If Any, Does Social Media Use Have On Political Polarisation in Latin American Democracies? It was a summative assignment for the second year Research Project Module in Durham’s SGIA. The full report, including references, can be found […]

On the Prospects of the eSports Industry

Photo credits: oyster.ignimgs.com.  Physical exertion aside, many parallels can be drawn between eSports and its more traditional counterpart: fans pack out venues on a weekly basis to watch their teams play, top tournaments draw in millions of viewers, players practice almost constantly, and hours of analysis go into each specific match tactic. Indeed, the eSports […]

On Asia’s technology giants – and the need to support them

Photo credits: Financial Times. Tencent is a Chinese multinational investing in internet services and products, entertainment and AI.  Since the end of World War II, globalization has transformed the international system. With it has come the demand of advancements in a vast array of social, economic and political areas. Technology, in particular, has been a […]

How Big Data will come to direct our Existence

Photo credits: numeric analytics. The twentieth century has been one of unprecedented human manipulation experimentation on extremely large scales- Stalinism in Russia and National Socialism in Germany are the most obvious examples. Throughout the century, uncountable written pages have been inspired by the impressive views of military marches, brain-washing propaganda, gulags and concentration camps. Later, […]

Bitcoin: The Fraud Currency Riding the Digital Hysteria

Photo credits: The Guardian. Bitcoin is a digital crypto-currency that operates on blockchain technology, making it decentralised, deregulated, and supposedly ‘unhackable’. The value of one bitcoin has grown by about 4000% in a year and a half. It made headlines when it reached $5000. Surely the bubble would burst. It made headlines when it reached […]